Self Defence and Ju Jitsu

Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art which is taught the world over and has almost as many variations in style and focus as there are instructors teaching it. Despite all this variation there is still a common teaching/strategy which involves yielding to attacking forces and re-directing in order to use an agressors attack against them. This is the basic meaning of 'Ju'. The word 'jitsu' simply means technique or method. Our chief instructor Steve Barker's qualifications are 4th Dan, Japanese Ju-Jitsu.

Our style of Jujitsu is a practical martial art that allows our students to quickly gain the skills needed to effectively defend themselves in hostile situations. In any situation the main aim is to avoid physical violence. This can be done by maintaining a high level of awareness and therefore avoiding dangerous situations, or we can use our voices to difuse a threatening situation. Sometimes despite our best efforts we must defend ourselves physically and do whatever it takes.

ESD instruction
ESD instruction
ESD instruction

We teach a variety of striking techniques, throws, takedowns, joint manipulation and ground fighting as appropriate to a self defence situation. The idea is to end a physical altercation as efficiently as possible and remove ourselves from danger.

The techniques are taught according to a syllabus which is divided into 8 stages (or grades) from white belt to black belt. At regular intervals and according to the students individual progress, grading assesments are held. Everybody works at their own rate and it does not matter whether you are fit or not when you start or how quickly you can learn the various techniques being taught. The emphasis is on making the techniques work within a students own physical abilities.

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